WOMAN POWER!!! For nearly 35 years I've heard thousands and thousands of statements referring to the men of the House of David and their whiskers and long hair and very rarely do I ever hear conversations about the WOMEN of the House of David. Here is a tribute to the female cause as it relates to that mysterious place on Britain Avenue!! The extreme importance of women in the story of the House of David goes all the way back to the day that Benjamin Purnell met the girl by the name of Mary in Kentucky when he was only 16 years old. It was Mary that was so willing to listen to his rambling stories and who became his most staunch believer in what he was trying to preach. And it was her that actually wrote down the things that he was preaching and began to put them into book form. From that day on the women in the story of the House of David took on many different roles and many different faces. They came from all over the world with the traits of not only being a great spouse but also actresses, musicians, entertainers, successful business owners, chefs, photographers, etc. In fact it was a lady who owned the diamond mine in Australia prior to her husband being part of that!! Beginning in 1908 the women at the colony had the right to vote, hold office in this organization, and have their equal share in every aspect of life at the House Of David. They were 12 years ahead of the rest of the United States in regards to the equal right to vote amendment that was finally passed!! They even had a girls baseball team, long before most women ever dreamed of playing baseball. Here are just a handful of rare and beautiful images of some of those women that took life very seriously there at the colony!